Tuesday, December 20, 2016

About YARH - Young Animal Rescue Heroes- Creating Awareness for Endangered Wildlife starting Locally in Kenya

Y.A.R.H. was conceived and started by Luca Berardi, then 8 years old. Since he was small, Luca’s only topic has been animals. The idea of saving endangered animals has been developing over time. Young Animal Rescue Heroes invites children from all over the world to be part of this initiative and work together to save our endangered animals in every region of the world. Strategy and Implementation Starting locally in Kenya. Specifically Y.A.R.H. intends to: - Network with other children in creating awareness - Increased awareness-raising with the public at large through: Public Speeches,Animal-themed competitions (drawing and writing),celebrating animals through children’s fun days and music, Educating communities about the importance of conservation,Working with people around parks and government agencies on training animal-rescuers, working to reduce threats that lead to the endangering of habitats -Fund-raising towards the above-listed activities Yarh is currently collecting waste paper and sending it to Chandaria Industries for recycling. By recycling paper we save trees and energy and in return wildlife benefits from this saved habitat see the recycling project here
(If you would like to partner with Chandaria Industries on any waste paper projects please get in touch with them by email on info@chandaria.com or call us on +254 722 225 999 / 733 872 828) Every effort is welcome in making Kenya Green!
We are also working on a waste management project for schools which include dustbins to schools. Luca, 11 years spends most of his free time reading wildlife related books and websites like the IUCN red list, researching on wikipedia, drawing and writing books on animals and movie scripts for his animal ideas. You can support the work of YARH by giving your waste paper to Chandaria for Recycling, organise awareness days with us, send books to schools. We are looking for new ideas to make this project interesting and bring change amongst children on environment and wildlife conservation.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Chandaria Industries Recycling Ambassador

In the following years, Chandaria and YARH continued to work together through workshops, recycling projects and now 4 years on, I am in humbled and honored to be Chandaria’s new Waste Recycling Ambassador. A role I don’t take lightly and that I will do my very best to bring this message to all and to try to inspire others to act on the 3 R’s: Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. It is with these small acts that will inspire our generation to make a green impact on the planet.

Read more: http://www.mondoluca.com/creative-ideas/transforming-lives/

Fikra Za Mugisha

Luca Berardi ni miongoni mwa vijana wadogo wenye maumivu makali sana juu ya maovu yatendwayo na wanadamu juu ya wanyama na mazingira yote.Luca Berardi ni raia wa kenya lakini ni chotara kati ya mzungu na muafrika.

   Tangu akiwa mdogo luca alionyesha dalili zote za kuonyesha kupenda sana na kujali mazingira,alipenda sana wanyama na hakufurahishwa na stori zilizokuwa zikiendelea juu ya mauwaji ya tembo na uchomaji wa misitu,


Thursday, September 8, 2016

Creating Jobs through Waste Recycling

Outskirts of Arusha beautiful scenery but this is cut short by heaps of waste. I have asked around why the lorry did not pick up and was told that yesterday it was too full they did not have space. Now I wonder will they come back today to pick it or it will sit there until next Wednesday?
We are trying to find out if there are recycling companies in the area so far not sure.
I want to set up YARH base here in Tanzania. We welcome your ideas, collaborations. Thanks!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Yarh Nature TV show - Open for Collaboration

With Help from you we can bring to LIFE this project conceptualized by Luca Berardi, This is Pilot we realized. https://youtu.be/M7xJ0ABoSl0 Yarh Nature TV show would help young people get information, get involved and help take care of Nature. Check out this link for the short pilot concept.
Watch this space also for upcoming family adventure books to sensitize the world the importance of wildife and environmental conservation.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Kiambu County Workshop

Our Kiambu Workshop brought together children and youth from 5 schools. We had plays, poems, music and talks on the importance of taking care of wildlife and protecting our environment. We are encouraging more schools to join the recycling projects for paper, tetrapaks. If you would love to read the report on the success of this event please email us at yarhkenya (at) gmail