Thursday, January 24, 2013

Creative Women Group Making paper out of Elephant Dung

I celebrated New Year in style this year. We visited our friends in Samburu - Kipsing Community. During this visit I made lots of new friends whom I hope to Visit soon again.

But, it was also a learning time for me I had an opportunity to meet 'Asekon Women Group' - this women group was started in the year 2007 and are around 30 of them. They have a project of making paper from Elephant Dung, waste paper and glue. For now they are working to perfect the paper.This project was initiated by Lewa and we learn't that there are many other women groups in the area doing the same and the workplace is here in Kipsing. Have no market for this paper they are doing yet, they plan to make cards from this paper.
The support they need right now is:
help with the glue (require a lot of glue to make paper)
Know how especially artists interested in seeing this paper and advising how they can paint to make cards.

YARH is happy to send Asekon Women group waste paper to use in this project. You need to reach them write to:
Asekon Women Group,
c/o Kipsing Catholic Mission,
P.O Box 646 - Isiolo - Kenya

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