Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Great Companies that will put food on your table while helping our environment

With waste becoming a menace in some parts of Nairobi there are some companies that are setting the pace of recycling, and they are not only generating money out of it but are also employing many people who would otherwise be without anything to do and also putting food on their tables. Stories are springing all over the country on recycling and YARH (young animal rescue heroes) are proud to have joined this movement with an aim of raising some money to create awareness on our endangered animals.

1) Chandaria Industries - without doubt a leader in recycling business and says that this recycling program is employing around 3000 individuals from the "Jua Kali", You can always contact Chandaria Industries for more information - Chandaria Industries

2)Kitengela Glass - Glass Recycling Company - How many times have you come across a whole heap of broken glass, wine bottles etc in a landfill? Did you know one special company in Kitengela area just outside Nairobi is changing lives of people by giving them jobs recycling these bottles and glasses into pieces of art, beads and everyday use products? My nice water glasses in the kitchen are testimony to this. You can visit the factory or see their outlets in the city. Kitengela Glass

3)The Flip Flop Recycling Company - I have seen these jewelry around in the market. And come to think of it, this idea is creating jobs, and getting all that waste from our landfills. Visit this company here

4)A-One Plastic - this is one company YARH want to visit this month. A-One plastics is mostly interested in -Low density polyethylene ( LDPE ), High-density polyethylene (HDPE). and Polypropylene ( P P ) you can get more information from their website here.

YARH with an aim to create awareness for most endangered animals knows all too well that Recycling is the first step in helping save our environment for these animals. We will therefore continue to bring you news related to Kenya's recycling centers for Paper recycling, plastic recycling, metal recycling and all other information related to recycling. YARH is appealing to all families to donate their waste paper to help us with our mission.

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