Sunday, April 21, 2013

Earth Day: To these heroes earthday is every day

Earth day drawing by 9 year old

To Luca earth day is everyday. Why do I say this, because every week Yarh 9 year old founder makes sure he does something for the environment, either collects waste, writes about it and so far has 2 songs dedicated to earth. Earth day is collective world - billions of people doing something to help our earth from the changing climate. You could switch of your lights, collect rubbish, reuse, recycle, help conservation efforts, say no fashion from animal fur, skins and horns. Earth day is you doing something to protect the earth. Don't keep asking when is earth day or what can I do for earth day, include in your every day chores practises that do not harm the earth and by doing this you will be protecting the earth and celebrating earth day every day.

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