Saturday, April 13, 2013

YARH BINS Project: Keeping Schools Clean and Waste in control

After the last workshop we did with other children, the one of the major environmental related issue that need to be addressed in schools is provision of waste bins. YARH has taken this challenge seriously because whenever you turn in the streets, estates you find waste everywhere. YARH knows too well that to help animals that are endangered there are so many issues to tackle and most of them are environment related putting poaching aside. Therefore, if you are reading this article today and you would like to join kids on a mission this is the time. Im 9 years old and working hard with other children in Kenya to spread awareness on how we can work together to save endangered animals and environment. We are working on getting Bins to schools to help children be responsible for their environment by separating waste, we are also teaching them that this collected waste can be sold to buy school books and also it is beautiful to live in a clean sorrounding. Many other issues were raised by children that you can always contact us and get on board with a project. You can help us reach more children and schools. We are looking to get help to do a campaign to sensitize people on the need to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

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