Monday, May 20, 2013

SOS: ring..Hello, I'm Sable Antelope from Shimba Hills and I need your help!

SOS: Sable Antelope facing extinction Dear world, my name is Sable Antelope Im calling from Shimba Hills National Reserve in Kenya. I'm calling because we need your help through KWS Kenya who are doing everything they can to save us after many of my friends in the park have died this is because of people who do not care about us, they do not know we are a treasure to be cherished. Before we were 265 of us and now imagine we are only 56 of us. There is no more time to sit and watch do something and do it now.. My biggest threat is poaching, loss of habitat and killings by some people in the community. You should be proud of me because I am unique, Im only found here and people come from all over the world to see me hence I help bring in money from tourism and create jobs locally. Please help me. Call your friends tell them about me and tell them they can help KWS help me. Photo from

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