Wednesday, March 19, 2014

For Immediate Release: A-Team of Young Superstars in Conservation Launches

Press Release - For immediate release - March 18, 2014 A-Team of Young Superstars in Conservation Launches Prodigies of conservation have been gathered from around the world to lead the way for saving endangered species. Never before has an organization sought out the youth leaders of wildlife conservation to lead and inspire an entire generation to save our disappearing wildlife. It is called, A-Team For Wildlife, and it is launching this week. The founding members of the group's youth leadership is called the "International A-Team". It consists of 16 youngsters from 8 to 18 who have accomplished amazing things to raise awareness and raise funds for endangered wildlife, like elephants, tigers, orangutans, rhinos, pandas, and even frogs. Their profiles and videos about their campaigns are found on the new organization's website: This International A-Team intends to involve all children by igniting a youth movement in conservation. Scientists now say at least 25% of life on earth is in danger of extinction in our lifetimes due to habitat loss, hunting, poaching, human expansion, and climate change. Many of our most cherished species are headed towards oblivion. A-Team For Wildlife's founder and CEO, Ken Jones, believes that a child's love for animals is enduring and powerful, and can lead the way to wanting to save endangered species, their habitats, and eventually to preserving a healthy natural environment that can sustain us all. Children's connection to animals motivates children to realize their individual importance and their ability to change the world. There can be little doubt when one reviews the accomplishments of the kids that make up the International A-Team - from speaking on radio and television, to appearing on TED Talks, to speaking to the United Nations. Along the way they have raised from tens-of-thousands to nearly a million dollars to support conservation. A-Team For Wildlife's leadership has plenty to inspire anyone. A-Team For Wildlife intends to attract the attention of children and invite them to get involved through its "Wild Life Website" of animal resources, fundraising competitions to win "Exciting Educational Wildlife Adventures, participation in Local A-Team activities, and its school assembly presentations about endangered species. Anyone under 19 years of age is invited to join A-Team For Wildlife with a twenty dollar annual membership. The fee supports the group's School Assembly Program and provides the benefits of membership. Says Mr. Jones, "It is my intention that every child benefit from involvement in A-Team For Wildlife. The environmental implications aside, our young members will benefit from exposure to our young role models, growth of empathy, encouragement in their talents, personal development activities, and youth leadership training. They learn about organizing groups, public speaking, running a small business, finances, and so much more." But Jones rarely puts environmental considerations aside. As the group's tagline states, he intends to let all children, everywhere, know that "Animals Need More Friends!" Contact Mr. Jones for interviews, articles, public speaking events by himself and members of our International A-Team. For Information and photos, contact: Ken Jones, CEO 209-255-9660

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