Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Yarh Supports Needy Students with Textbooks

Leading By Example

Yarh (Young Animal Rescue Heroes) is not only concentrating in recycling but it is taking problems that are facing schools it works with seriously. We have to nurture the creativity of these kids starting from a book to read, when they learn more about the environment and what is happening around them then it is easier for them to take initiative.
You cannot teach someone about food waste if they have to food. We need to build solid blocks, information, creativity nurtures the will to do positive good.
This is what Luca and YARH the organisation he started at 8 years is doing.

The Help We need

Yarh needs help to buy website hosting space, put up a website where we hope kids can meet to share creative ideas!
'yarhkenya (at) gmail (dot) com is our contacts talk to us!

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