Tuesday, August 4, 2015

For Cecil We Weep

Cecil the Lion, one of the most well known Lion individuals in the world, killed in cold blood by Walter Palmer, a dentist from Minnesota on 1st July this year.
I call this- 'Act of selfishness and cowardice'.
It has devastated every soul in this world that dream of co-habiting peacefully with the wildlife. I am heart broken, how many more have to die for someone to take action? This is not a first kill for the Minnesotan dentist, photos of him with other trophies, Elks, Big Horns,Rhinos, Elephants and even Leopards scavenge the internet.

As we await justice for Cecil and many other Cecils out there. Let me appeal to those of you with similar dreams, come to Africa,Build lodges, build schools with your money,invest in this continent with alot of hope for the future.
R.I.P Cecil, we will miss you.
Picture: Tim Stewart News

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